Simple Braised Lamb

Simple Braised Lamb

Food Artist and Chef Rebecca Taylor from @Souley_Nourished uses Super King Markets to source for all her dinners and events. She finds unique and exotic ingredients not commonly seen around the LA and Orange County areas to help her curate refreshed classic recipes. 

Enjoy this simple braised lamb shanks w/ garlic turmeric yogurt, black quinoa + zingy slaw.

-Season and sear lamb on all sides in hot oil until nicely colored

-Reduce heat, add stock to cover the meat about half way, toss in aromatics like garlic, herbs, peppercorns and cover with a lid. the liquid should be lightly simmering

-Place in a 350° oven for about 2.5 hours or until completely tender off the bone

-Whisk olive oil, greek yogurt, turmeric, lemon and garlic together to make a tangy, spiced sauce

-Julienne pickled turnips, slice grape tomatoes, toss together with lemon, olive oil and sumac

-Plate with yogurt sauce as a base, top with any cooked grain of choice, the lamb shank, the turnip slaw, finish with fresh mint, good oil and any reminding juices over the lamb

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