Produce Department


Super King Markets is synonymous with Produce; good-quality fruits and vegetables, available in abundant varieties and at low prices. We pride in our fresh selection including California Grown Peaches, Avocados from Mexico and let’s not forget Southwest Cherries. Our Produce Department prominently welcomes you with bounty…stocking (and restocking) the best, from farms and  fields straight to your fingertips.

Meat Department


Our Meat Department is guaranteed fresh! The vast selection of proteins are skillfully trimmed and cut to your specifications. We offer an array of high-quality USDA Choice cuts that are flavorful, juicy and tender. Our delicious Marinated Meats are ready for the grill. If you're on the move, our meats are also individually packaged... ready to grab and go.

Seafood Department


A little piece of the ocean inside our stores. Our Seafood Department takes pride in their wide selection of fresh and frozen premium quality seafood from all over the world. Whether it is cooked or raw shrimp, fresh fillets, whole fish or crab meat, we carry it! Our private label packaged goods are ready for those spontaneous dinners. In need of a fish filleted, skinned or special cut? We’ll reel that in for you right away.

Service Deli

Service Deli

This amazing department features the widest variety of cuts from around the world.  We slice and prepare to order an assortment of international delights like salamis, hams, caviar, Mexican creamas, cheeses and let's not forget olives. Our deli associates have impeccable customer service skills and will slice and individually package the way you want it. Our made-to-order deli platters will be the talk of all your hosting events. 

Mixed Nuts Department

Mixed Nuts

Our Mixed Nuts Department has quality you can count on. All our nuts are imported directly and fresh from the current harvest. Our unique mixed nut bar includes pistachios, almonds, peanuts, pine nuts, cashews, and even pumpkin seeds. Satisfy your sweet tooth and indulge in our imported chocolate treats, gummy candies, and an assortment of dried fruit.

Deli, Dairy and Frozen Department

Deli, Dairy & Frozen

Walk into our Deli, Dairy, Frozen Department and discover the fresh and diverse selection of everyday staples and international products. Bring home the bacon, pre-packaged assortments of cold cut meats and sliced cheeses at unbeatable prices. We understand everyone's unique dietary needs and have a collection of Organic, Vegan and Non-Dairy products. Our international dairy selections can be found throughout our department; from frozen foods, Pyknic Cheese, Ice Cream and frozen desserts. Milk, Eggs, Yogurt, Chilled Juice and Butter are always available. 

ShopSK High End Case

Shop SK

Step into Shop SK, the one stop destination for fine beer, wine, and spirits. Our diverse and deep selection of imported and domestic brands are always at a great price. From aged Tequila and Whiskeys to Craft Beer and Fine Wine, Shop SK satisfies the palettes of those seasoned connoisseurs or expand those who are looking to try something new. The High-end gift sets and Luxury Bottles are at your disposal if you're stocking up for the holidays, planning a dinner party or just upgrading your home bar. Now, you can shop from the comfort of your own home, offers in-store pickup and local deliveries for thousands of items with just a click. Shop, Sip, Cheers!

Bakery Department

International Bakery 

Our International Bakery Department awakens all your senses with an assortment of fresh cookies, individual pastries, and decadent cakes perfect for any occasion. We work closely with traditional local bakeries to deliver fresh Lavash and Pita Breads daily. Fresh and authentic, we can’t forget the large selection of Tortillas and Chips. Enjoy the baked goods from all your favorite national and domestic brands.




Liquor Department


Super King Market is the Host of International Foods. Feel like a world traveler just by walking through our stores. Our shelves boast in top favorites products from Middle Eastern, European, Latino and Domestic brands. The selection of rice will have you in awe for the variety, quality, and price. Find your favorite home essentials from cooking oils, cereals, laundry detergents and more. Our Buying Team works closely with all suppliers to ensure you find the foods you love and at great value too!