Gift Cards

Need to grab a quick gift card? Stop by Super King Markets, where you can shop our wide selection.

Whether you’re looking for dining, entertainment, travel, or even prepaid gift cards, we’re sure you’ll find it at one of our locations.

Can’t make up your mind? Gift your family and friends with a Super King Markets gift card.  Fill it up with the amount that fits your budget at checkout and you’ll be set!

Make Super King Markets, your one one-stop shop for groceries and gift cards.


Have questions about our Super King Markets gift cards? Here are some of our FAQs.

How much money can I put in the gift card?

There is a $5 minimum and no maximum balance limit for our Super King Market gift cards. You have the choice!

Is there an activation fee?

There is no activation fee.

Do the funds expire?

The funds do not expire. Enjoy!

Where can I check my balance?

Visit your local Super King Markets to check your balance at the cash register or customer service desk.

Who do I contact for further information?

You can contact our corporate office at 323-604-1601 for more information.