Ghee Blistered Romano

Ghee Blistered Romano

Rebecca Taylor Chef and mastermind behind @souley_nourished loves sourcing seasonal ingredients. At Super King she found Romano Beans (here until September), the long, sweet, crunchy bean in the snap peas and string bean family. Rebecca loves to cook them down until tender, it adds to a more tartness, sweetness and lots of flavor! In this recipe she put together Ghee Blistered Romano Beans with Apricots, Purslane + Honey Herb Dressing

Trimmed Romano Beans
Sliced Apricots
Olive Oil
Chopped Garlic

Add a large scoop of ghee to a piping hot pan. Trim romano beans by simply snapping off the ends. Toss the snapped Romano Beans in a pan and coat in ghee. Add a heavy pot or cast-iron skillet on top to encourage the blistering. Remove the beans once tender, about 10 minutes flipping once. you want them to be soft but still have a nice bright green color and bite. Remove from pan and toss in sliced apricots until lightly colored. Make a honey, herb, lemon, dressing with garlic and drizzle on top. Finish with fresh herbs and purslane. Yum, Delicious!

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