Quince+Rose Water Cake

Quince+Rose Water Cake

Quince + Rose Water Breakfast Cake

Chef Rebecca Taylor of @souley_nourished found inspiration in our stores with this seasonal fruit, Quince. This unique fruit has similar taste to pear or apple and is only grown commercially in CA. You can find quince paste just about anywhere most served on cheese boards. But here is what she did with this fresh batch.  

Poaching Liquid:
750 ml Dry Red Wine
3 Cups Sugar
Orange Rind
¼ Cup Rose Water
4 Peeled and Halved Quince
(Simmer on LOW for 2.5 hours)

Cake Instructions:
Thinly slice quince once cooled, lay onto a buttered cake pan in a roundabout pattern. Choose any cake batter of your choice and substitute ¼ Cup of water for Rose Water.  Pour mixtures over quince slices. Bake at 350° for about 30 minutes.

After the cake is completely baked and the pan is still warm, place a large plate on top of the cake and flip it over. The cake should fall right out. Finish with drizzled honey and fresh orange zest. Chef Rebecca suggests to serve with a little fresh whipped cream, pistachios and delicious coffee.

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  • Why am I not allow to print recipe?

    Dolores Garcia on
  • That sounds great. I love Quince Abby way

    Ralph on

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