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Glenfiddich Special Reserve at Super King Markets


Among spirits, few can command the devotion that whisky distillers do and Glenfiddich counts itself among the best of the best. After all, it isn’t every day that a company releases a bottle of whisky that sells for a lot of money per shot, let alone thousands per bottle.

 In fact, you may recall a CNBC story that described the company’s Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve as the world’s most expensive bottle of whisky.

 And it is for a good reason - Glenfiddich is known for making the best whisky available and when they do special distillations you can bet your bottom dollar that the result is going to be beyond expectations.

 The special bottle of Glenfiddich was auctioned in an exclusive event in Los Angeles, California for tens of thousands of dollars. The Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve 55-Year-Old was coveted among spirits connoisseurs for its age and clarity, as well as an expected smooth, undeniably delectable taste. The funds raised by the auction went on to support the World Resources Institute. The World Resources Institute is an environmental think tank that develops proposed solutions to some of the myriad of problems facing our planet’s environment. Glenfiddich’s support of this cause is only natural, according to the World Resources Institute, because Glenfiddich understands that only the purest water can make high-quality whisky.

"Everyone knows that high-quality water is essential for fine whisky. That's why we are very pleased to be partnering with Glenfiddich, a company that recognizes the importance of protecting natural resources for the environment and for business," Dr. Andrew Steer of the World Resources Institute said in regard to the donation of the Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve whisky.

 The mark, named after the company founder’s granddaughter, only 15 bottles were distilled by Glenfiddich, 11 of which had previously been on offer to the public in some fashion. This makes the Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve a highly coveted item among collectors.

 Glenfiddich’s malt master Brian Kinsman, who has tasted the special distillation, described its taste to public radio organization NPR, telling them: "[It's] quite different from what you might imagine. You might imagine avery old whisky will taste really woody and oaky, and be quite powerful. And it's absolutely the opposite of that. It's very delicate. It's very floral and fruity, [and] quite sweet. It's just incredibly elegant."

Super King Markets Glenfiddich

Whether it is a special distillation or their tried and true Glenfiddich Special Reserve, Glenfiddich offers some of the best spirits on the market. And if you’re in the mood for a glass of Glenfiddich Special Reserve, look no further than your local Super King Markets. Not only does Super King Markets stock Glenfiddich Special Reserve but it also has a range of other high-quality, world-class liquors on offer for the discerning customer.

Whether you’re looking for a nice glass of Glenfiddich whisky at a competitive price, or you need another fine product, the staff at Super King Markets will be happy to help you make your selection.


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