A neighborhood that is part of Los Angeles and located in the San Fernando Valley, Northridge, California, is home to California State University, a slate of public and private schools, and a host of cultural attractions.

 First called Zelzah then North Los Angeles in 1929, to capitalize on the booming oil and movie city, the neighborhood eventually settled on Northridge at the suggestion of a local civic leader in order to distinguish the community from LA proper.

With slightly under 60,000 residents, Northridge is a bustling and growing community with a huge diverse population and large, influential Hispanic and Asian communities.

Cal State University, Northridge, is one of the city’s major employers and also a cultural hub for the area. Cal State University, Northridge, is a huge part of the local economy, contributing some $600 million annually. Northridge also has a highly educated population, with the majority holding secondary education degrees. Northridge’s excellent climate and yearlong mild weather patterns make it a haven for fans of outdoor sporting activities.

Local attractions include Marwyck Ranch, a center for horse shows and festivals and once called the “Horse Capital of the World.”

Devonshire Downs, the site of major rock festivals and public events in the 1960s, once played host to bands such as The Doors, Jefferson Airplane, Country Joe and the Fish, The Grass Roots, Canned Heat, and Iron Butterfly.

Other points of interest within Northridge consist of the nationally famous Brent’s Deli, CSUN Botanic Garden, the David E. Bianchi Planetarium, as well as the commercial center the Northridge Fashion Center.

The Northridge Recreation Center provides the hub for outdoor activities as well as indoor exercising and Dearborn Park provides a wealth of accommodations for outdoor sports enthusiasts and families.

With such a bustling cultural scene and as the home of a major international university, Northridge’s restaurant and food scene is to be experienced.

As part of the greater metropolitan area of Los Angeles, Northridge enjoys the best southern California has to offer and, owing to its diverse population, has a wide variety of international cuisines as well as local, California-grown specialties.

 Located on Plummer Street near the Northridge Pacific Theater and the Northridge Fashion Center, Super King Markets offers a wealth of domestic and international brands, from Bimbo to Danone.

Established in nearby Anaheim in 2003, Super King Markets has grown to 7 stores in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, offering a second-to-none selection of food, produce, wines, and cheeses, all carefully selected according to the tastes of Super Kings Markets’ local communities.

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