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Located in Los Angeles County no less than fourteen miles away from the Los Angeles Civic Center, Altadena is just north of neighboring Pasadena and represents a vibrant, growing community with a lot of history rooted in California’s early days.

 Home to science fiction luminary Octavia Butler as well as Alice Walker of The Color Purple fame, Altadena’s warm dry summers and mild fall seasons contribute to what some would call an ideal setting for creative people and those looking to start a family alike.

 The deodar cedar, Altadena’s official tree, in many ways symbolizes Altadena’s heritage as a home for people and cultures from all around the globe. Originally brought to the area by Altadena’s founder, John Woodbury, the deodar cedar is native to the Himalayas and now line Christmas Tree Lane, a three-quarters of a mile stretch of Santa Rosa Avenue from Woodbury Road to Altadena Drive that has served as a major holiday attraction for Altadena ever since.

 As you can imagine, being the home of so many different influences, Super King Markets naturally has a home located on Lincoln Avenue, the home of many of Altadena’s restaurants and food shops.

 Altadena is also home to the historic Mount Lowe Railway as well as the Cobb Estate botanical garden. Farnsworth Park off of Lake Avenue offers residents an area for recreation and picnics that is unparalleled in its natural beauty.

 Altadena is also home to numerous public and private schools, such as Pasadena Unified District Schools, the Eliot Arts Magnet Academy, as well as private academies such as Sahag-Mesrob Armenian Christian School, St. Elizabeth Catholic School, Saint Mark's, Pasadena Waldorf School, and Fair Oaks Academy.

 Existing as a bedroom community, Altadena serves as the home for many people who commute to work in and around Los Angeles and the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.

 As such, Super King Markets is uniquely poised to serve this market with its wide selection of both domestic and international brands. From high-end cuisine to comfort food, Super King Markets in Altadena is sure to have what your family is looking for and at a price you can afford.

 Featuring brands such as Bimbo and Danone, Super King Markets also has a wide variety of local products and produce.

 Just as Super King Markets says on its website, “As our customers reflect the diversity of Southern California, so do our products,” you can guarantee that the product you are looking for will be found on our shelves. 

Super King Markets Altadena  

And as proud members of the communities we serve, Super King Markets promises to deliver superior products and service every day to the communities of Southern California.

Beginning with only one store in Anaheim, California, Super King Markets has grown into a chain of seven stores throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. The company’s reputation for superior products at competitive prices has made it the go-to store in Southern California for international foodstuffs, serving as many international communities as inhabit the LA metropolitan area and beyond.