Holiday Cheese and Wine Pairings

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Cheese and Wine

Holiday Cheese and Wine Pairings

Looking to serve a Cheese plate and Wine at all of your Holiday Parties through the New Year? Knowing how to pair different cheeses with the perfect wine is extremely important, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered this Holiday Season!


If you’re looking to serve a Port, pair it with Blue Cheese, or a Gorgonzola! The strong taste pairs perfectly with the sweet wine.

 Prosecco or other Sparkling Wines

Prosecco and other sparkling wines should be paired with triple crème cheeses.  The whipped buttery taste is balanced out perfectly by the bubbles of sparkling wine. 


The buttery texture of Camembert or Brie cheese is perfect with the soft, subtle taste of Chardonnay. 

 Pinot Noir

The light taste of a red wine like Pinot Noir pairs perfectly with delicately flavored nutty cheeses, like a light cheddar or a Gruyere. 


Both Merlot, and Merlot Blends pair perfectly with the creamy nutty and sweet flavors of a nice Gouda cheese. 


Rose is not only perfect for a hot sunny day, but can be perfect for a fancy dinner party if paired with the correct cheese.  Goat cheese has an acidic, tangy flavor that pairs perfectly with a bright rose for any holiday party.

Make all of your holiday parties a hit this season with the perfect cheese and wine pairings! Don’t forget to include some sweet flavors like grapes and sliced apples, as well as some crispy crackers for the perfectly thought out appetizer!


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