Dad's Day Tips

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  • Make sure it's paired with something good. Instead of going to a crowded restaurant for an expensive meal, how about you do yourself at home and prepare a home-cooked meal? It's not about your cooking skills—it's about the love, and your effort will be appreciated regardless of the outcome (Good or Bad).
  • Stay tried and true. Father's Day calls for tradition, so avoid new ingredients and difficult recipes. Good food is simple food.
  • Pick a meal, any meal. Fire up the grill and stop by our Meat and Seafood Department, get delicious steak or juicy lobster tail. Then stop by our produce dept. and pick up your grilling favorites. We have it all.
  • End it sweetly with Dessert; our Bakery department has plenty to choose from. Whether it's a sweet treat such as a cake, flan, or Bundt cake.
  • Clean up the mess. Don't forget, after all, that your father used to change your dirty diapers. So stop complaining about a few dirty dishes. The least you can do is get in the kitchen and backyard.


Happy Father's Day to All! 

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