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Chocolate dipped Apples

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caramel dipped apples

Gooey Caramel and Chocolate Apples are a fun treat to make at home. They are also a great treat for your upcoming Halloween activities. 

• Choose green apples that look good in appearance. A bad apple can have a bad taste even thou it's coated in caramel and/or chocolate. 
• You can use dark chocolate or milk chocolate depending on your preference. 
• Make sure you have extra chocolate and caramel in stock. (Just in case you eat some in the making) 

• 6 Green Apples 
• 36 wooden skewers
• 15 oz. of Caramel
• 20 oz. chocolate to melt
• Optional Toppings: Oreo Crumbs, Coconut shavings, candy sprinkles, chopped nuts,chocolate chips

Prepare Apples for dipping. Cut each apples into 6 pieces. Insert sticks into apples at the stem side. Line baking sheet with wax paper and spray with cooking spray. 

Melt Chocolate and Caramels in 2 different pots. add 2 cups of water into pot and boil for 20 mins, place chocolate in a glass bowl, place caramel into a different glass bowl. Place glass bowls, one into each pot filled with water. Once Chocolate and Caramel is melted dip apples into each and place on wax paper sprinkle optional toppings of choice. Let cool and serve. 

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