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Healthy Eating Tips for Game Day

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Vegan BBQ Skewer

5 Healthy Tips for Game Day! 

Family, friends and food! add football into the mix and it becomes the best day ever! Here are 5 game strategies that will help you walk through the game! 

 1. Kick off with vegan skewers, add tomato, cucumbers, zucchini. The filling snack will set the stage for a healthy evening.

2. Tackle Cravings, make a salad with homemade dressing. Try adding eggs, tomato, cucumbers, and chicken. 

3. Pass on big portions, its easy to overdo it with the chips and dip. Portion your plate and place to the side and stick to your portion. 

4. Take an alcohol time-out, save calories by stocking a cooler with bottled waters and coconut water. Leave the beer in the kitchen  so you have to travel to get it. 

5. Hydrate, Water is important, not just for professional athletes. drink plenty of water during the day. While watching the game match every beverage you consume. 



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