Memorial Day Meal Planning Tips

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The 3 day weekend is the perfect time to relax! Plan ahead by getting your grocery shopping done early.

Meal Planning Tips:

  • Know the total number of guest that will be attending your weekend BBQ. Make sure you plan ahead and by buying extra food to accommodate last minute invites. 
  •  Plan for quick and healthy snacks that everyone can enjoy while the main entree is grilling.
  • Keep the season in mind plan your menu based on what season it is. It's right before summer so you can include items such as; salads, veggies, fruit and lots of beverages.
  • Don't forget the sides, plan at least 3-5 side dishes and don't forget the dessert!
  • Prep ahead of time to make sure you don't get stuck in the kitchen. Do all the cutting and marination at least one day early. 

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