Royal Rewards

Love Rewards? Royal Rewards loves you right back!  Sign up and show your card, or provide your phone number, earn points and Get Rewards! It’s that easy! Keep your eyes open for 2x point items every week and get points galore with 2x points week middle of every month.

Three ways to Sign up:

1. Click here to be a member! or download AppCard for Apple or for Google Play
2. Provide your mobile phone number to a Super King cashier
3. Ask for the Royal Rewards Card at the register

Once you are a Royal Rewards member you will start earning rewards with every transaction!



one sign

Earn 1 point for
every dollar spent!

two sign

Redeem your points for instant

three sign

Keep track of your Super King
loyalty points on the Appcard App.

a hand holding rewardsCard

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